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Kodak moment with Jason Tom beatboxing for Uplift & Renew at Ala Moana Centerstage!

"Watched Hawaii's Human Beatbox Jason Tom perform on Saturday along with the Uplift Dancers from First Assembly Of God and I was blown away by Jason's performance. If you've only seen him beatbox on video and not live on stage you wouldn't know how much of a difference it makes in how it sounds live. There's no comparison, the audio on video doesn't even come close to how it really sounds. Auuuuuright!" -Nathan Izumi


Kodak moment with Jason Tom beatboxing for Uplift & Renew at Ala Moana Centerstage!

Encounter Celebration 

The Lord promised me that what the devil has stolen from me must return more than one-hundred-thousand fold. The devil attempted to take my life multiple occasions, relentlessly tormented me and failed. How? Jesus supernaturally and relentlessly stepped in and said, "no more satan! Get your hands off my child and do not return!" I am unashamed that Jesus Christ is my redeemer. This first Men of Conquest Encounter venue at the Emalani Ballroom of the Hawaii Convention Center is the same venue I performed at for the first TEDx Honolulu Shift Conference.

Men of Conquest Encounter and Women's Devoted Encounter Celebration: Me, my Men's Life Group disciple Nate's mother Hazel and my math Life Group student Gale with our eyes on Jesus and God dreaming, with Nate Jesus-focused ahead for our G12 Hawaii Conference: Your Kingdom Come.

Women's Devoted And Men of Conquest Encounter Celebration: Nate, Ernest (uncle of one of my best and closest of friends Duke), me, John Lum, Tutamo.

Pastor Wally with Bella, Math Life Group students Moriah, Micaiah and Gale (far right), me (Product of New York), and Nate (Wolverine)

Pastor Wally, me and Branson Silva.

My Mighty Men's Life Group disciple Nate said he did his best to match the joy of the Lord is my strength in me via Men of Conquest Encounter celebration.