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Math Bingo on Pi Day π 

Happy Pi Day! I'm thrilled to share our exciting Math Bingo Family Night celebration at Ke'elikōlani Middle School Auditorium! A huge thank you to the school's amazing faculty, staff, and math teachers for organizing this π Day event. We had a blast! I even got to showcase my beatboxing skills for an 8th grader's Math and Pi Day Rap song - so much fun! Plus, I engaged in an epic Math Rap battle with Principal Joe Passantino and Vice Principal Julie Chiya, who dropped some seriously "mathematical" bars! 🎤💡 Lastly, a special mahalo to the Philip and Betsy ohana for their support. Let's do more Math Bingo nights like this! 🤩 Here's my throwback collaboration with the Ke'elikōlani Bulldogs! 🐾

🎥 Satomi Kurazumi


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