Detroit Lions 🦁 Football

4x NFL World Champions Detroit Lions 🦁 are Super Bowl Champions in the making and are celebrating the Club’s 90th season throughout the 2023 season. #OnePride #RestoretheRoar #DefendtheDen

I recently visited my local state library to borrow “Lions Pride: Sixty Years of Detroit Lions Football 🏈” book, published in 1993. It appears that the last time I borrowed this book was also during the same year of the most recent season that the Detroit Lions 🦁 were a playoff team. I realized that after the fact.

Here are pictures of some inside pages, especially the incredible two-page splash of Lions number 54 Chris Spielman versus the Los Angeles Rams 🐏 that read: a salute to the past and a commitment to the future. I 🩵 growing up watching this era of the Lions as a young Lions fan. As a lifelong Lions fan from Honolulu, I love looking through the pages of this book to learn more about the history of the Lions and looking through all the great pictures in this book with the Lions in their HNL Blue and Silver uniforms.

I 💙 how the Brand New Lions recently unveiled their new HNL Blue alternate helmet with the Lions historic logo to be worn with their dark steel grey alternate uniforms (pictured here with DL Aidan Hutchinson and Pro Bowl WR Amon-Ra St. Brown; photo credit: Jeff Nguyen/Detroit Lions). I 🩶 the look.

Lions will look great in the new HNL Blue alternate helmet with the dark steel grey alternate uniforms at Ford Field in week 8’s Monday Night Football primetime show down versus the Las Vegas Raiders ⚔️ and week 18 versus the reigning NFC North Champion Minnesota Vikings 👿.

I see Lions winning in week 8 and week 18. I’ve always wanted the Lions to wear a helmet in their team’s primary color: HNL Blue in the modern NFL era.

Interestingly enough, both the HNL Blue alternate helmet and the dark steel grey alternate uniforms are an homage to Lions uniform history. In the 1940s, Detroit Lions wore a grey alternate jersey for one regular season road game and Lions won that game as well as finished that season with a winning record. The steel grey alternate uniforms is an homage to the era of when the Lions wore a grey jersey in the 1940s. The 1940s were also one of the Lions roughest of eras before they persevered and bounced back.

During the first era that the Lions wore an alternate blue helmet, the Lions persevered through the 1940s and had the grit to win their 2nd and 3rd of 4 NFL World Championships in the 1950s.

In my humble and honest opinion, I believe that the 2023 Lions have what it takes to win 13 games or more to win the NFC North Division title in the upcoming 2023 NFL season over the Chicago Bears 🐻, Green Bay Packers 🧀 and Minnesota Vikings. All the Lions haters and naysayers can keep on underestimating the Lions. I won’t. I will root for the Lions week in and week out to win 13 games or more to win the NFC North Division title. Let’s do this.

HNL Blue and Silver FTW.