Ali Sky “the Moment Starts to Move You” Release Show featuring Just Eric, Tre Love, Jason Tom, The Oceanographers, and Ali Sky. Just Eric Bio: Just Eric is a Honolulu based producer who creates ambient uplifting instrumental tracks with a combination of electric guitar and EDM beats. He also produces beats for other artists. His most recent song release was a song called Lost in the Clouds which premiered on January 13th. Tre Love Bio: Tre Love is a feminist rapper who had his debut performance in 2021 at Second Sunday open mic! His mission in life since he was born was to show people that they are loved and cared for. Born Traci Wilson, he received the nickname of Tre Love shortly after being a gentle loving child, always helping and taking time to care for others. He has been best described as a friend, confidant, unicorn, counselor, God's Hug, and a place of solace in a cruel world. Jason Tom Bio: Jason Tom is the most astounding beat boxer Ali Sky have ever seen live. Some of the sounds that he makes through the microphone are out of this world. He began his beatboxing journey at the age of 4 and his first recording was engineered by his sister in 1989 of him beatboxing a Michael Jackson song "Bad". He has opened for Michael Winslow, Reeps One, Verbalase, Blue Scholars, Bambu, the Jabbawockeez, and Quest Crew and has collaborated live with Tom Thum, Jake Shimabukuro, Imua Garza, Taimane Gardner, and Makana. The Oceanographers Bio: The Oceanographers is a musical project with the ongoing mission to bridge the gap between science and faith through artistic musical offerings. Two worlds that often seem at odds with each other are both so necessary in this time of division. The Oceanographers is a call for people who value science to be open to the miracles, spiritual, and the unexplainable, and vice versa, a call for people who value faith to be open to taking care of the environment and be advocates against destroying creation. Ali Sky Bio: Aly Sky is a singer-songwriter from Honolulu who writes mostly upbeat pop, rock, indie songs that are reminiscent of the late 1990's and early 2000's. Her songwriting is influenced by genuine emotions that she experienced during ups and downs in life with an emphasis on hope, growth, and transformation that can always be found regardless of how painful things have been.