Thriller Letterman Jacket

My affinity for letterman jackets and outerwear began when I caught Michael Jackson and his date Ola Ray in the iconic Thriller short film. Michael Jackson in the varsity jacket with a red wool body and yellow leather sleeve with the big letter "M." That stood out to me from the get go.

I've steadily been building my outerwear and varsity jacket wardrobe through the years for human beatbox concerts, conferences, endeavors, collaborative projects, and productions. The latest addition to my outerwear and letterman jacket collection are these BlackByrd Goods varsity jackets. They fit comfortably and feel so good. I highly recommend my blog readers to check out their leather goods, products, and apparel.

I am excited about the news of the Detroit Lions' new quarterback Jared Goff, from Hollywood to the Motor City.  Yes, the Honolulu Blue and Silver has had rough seasons in Motown. We have not won a single playoff game in a long time and we have not ever appeared in a Super Bowl. I am excited about the direction that the Lions are now heading. With the Lions front office president Rod Wood and our new owner Sheila Ford Hamp's hiring of the Lions' new general manager Brad Holmes, new head coach Dan Campbell, new assistant head coach Duce Staley, and new coaching staff. As a Detroit Lions and Beverly Hills Cop fan, I would like to add the Detroit Lions' G-III Beverly Hills edition varsity jacket to my collection.

Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley in the Detroit Lions' Beverly Hills Cop Varsity Jacket.

Jared Goff sporting the Detroit Lions G-III Sports Beverly Hills Edition Letterman Jacket at his introductory press conference.

And yes, my affinity for outerwear and letterman jackets, really, it began from watching the iconic Thriller short film. It was the Thriller varsity jacket that got me hooked. The Michael Jackson Thriller varsity jacket is still one of my favorites in my ongoing outerwear and letterman jacket collection.

Here are photos of Michael Jackson, me (Jason Tom), Chris Brown, Kanye West, and Heidi Klum rocking the Thriller letterman jacket.


Jason Tom sporting the authentic and iconic Michael Jackson Thriller varsity jacket in a live show.


Chris Brown sporting the Thriller varsity jacket in a live concert.


Kanye West in the Thriller varsity jacket with Anja Rubik.


Heidi Klum dressed as a werewolf in the Thriller letterman jacket.