Words Can Be Destructive

Can anyone relate to this? I was quite often told for most of my life that...

One. I've achieved nothing in my life.

Two. I've accomplished nothing in my life.

And three. I've amounted to nothing in life.

True story.

I knew not how destructive those words were.

It came from those who I am supposed to be able to count on most in my life.

I was not once told from them, "I am proud of you." Not once. And as weird as it may sound, I feel super weird today when people write me or tell me offline, "I am proud of you."

I was so conditioned to believe that whatever I did in life was not good enough that to this day, I don't understand why it feels super awkward when someone tells me, "I'm proud of you." Sometimes I think to myself, is he or she insulting or disrespecting me? It's an awkward feeling that I've wrestled with.

It caught up to me.

It was so destructive.

It tormented me.

Then it hit me, no matter what I did, it would never be good enough to even those who mattered, even though that was what hurt the most. It seems as though they do not want me healthy. They do not want me thriving. They do not want me happy.

But I later learned that GOD's words matter so much more than their words. The Holy Spirit then edified me in ways no man could. Jesus the Son healed and delivered me of torment, trauma, and pain.

If it were not for my faith in GOD, I am certain I would not be alive.

I am grateful that GOD exposed the lies, unraveled the truth.