Metromix Cover Story: Hawaii’s First Beatbox Star Jason Tom

Esh! Saturday, June 10th was National Beatbox Day. The celebration of the 5th Element of Hip-Hop culture: Human Beatbox continues throughout the month of June. August 11th celebrates Hip-Hop culture’s 50th anniversary.

Esh some aloha everyone. Here’s a throwback video shoot from the Metromix cover story: Hawaii’s First Beatbox Star Jason Tom

An oldie and a goodie. Timeless. Classic. This original video is older than many of the current beatboxers of today. This was my homage to Hawaii’s Human Beatbox pioneers
- “Radical Rob” Onekea
- ACE aka Gizmo of Princes of Percussion (Keoni Wilson)
- Re-Run of TMT
- Joevon Brown “J.B.”

Let’s go. Boots and cats!