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Known as Hawaiʻi’s human beatbox, Jason Tom, a Kapiʻolani Community College alumnus, is using beatboxing—a form of vocal percussion that uses the mouth and voice to create sounds and rhythms—to spread a positive message about 'staying on the beat' when it comes to achieving your goals.” - Kapiʻolani Ching

University of Hawaiʻi News

Metromix VideoShoot: Jason Tom the Human Beatbox from Hawaii

HMSA's Island Scene Magazine Feature

HMSA's Island Scene Magazine

Finding the Flow: A beatboxer's victory over asthma

Feature Written By: Fernando Pacheco
Photo By: Eugene Hopkins

Metromix Cover Story: Jason Tom

Unbeatable Cover Story: Jason Tom

RAW Artist Media: Jason Tom the Human Beatbox

Hogan News: StudentS Speak To Jason Tom

Hogan News: Students Speak To Jason Tom

Feature Written By: Jasmine Cho

It was a pleasure to hear from Jason Tom who is truly a passionate musician at heart. He to us about his journey, career, and showed us that passion can take a person far in life.

Growing up, one would think you could not make a living from a hobby like beatboxing, Jason proves it is possible. He created his own style of beatboxing, traveled around the world, won poetry slams and other competitions, and is now known as one of the top beatboxers in the world. Jason is an excellent example of pursuing your dreams. An advice I took to heart is to "know that with everything you do, there is no accident... everything happens for a reason." Successful individuals are able to learn from their mistakes, do not give up and have goals that they can commit to.

TEDx Talks Video: Jason Tom Vocal Groove

KS EdTech Video: Jason Tom Let's Do This

Jason Tom is a talented young man who is far ahead of his time. I met Jason while I emceed a TEDx Talk in Honolulu. I have interviewed many people in my time as a TV news reporter and anchor. Jason is one of the most memorable people I have met! He is not only talented, but he genuinely cares about others. Whatever Jason touches, he brings his aloha, talent and faith with him.” - Angela Keen

Who is Jason Tom?

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