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Hello and welcome to my website, enjoy Your stay.

Ah one two, ah one two
Ah one two, ah one two
I'd like to.. introduce myself..
My name is.. ah Jason Tom..

I am also known as 譚志豪 in Chinese. No, "Tom" is not a Korean or Japanese family name. I am an American Freelance beatboxer, live entertainer, inspirational speaker, voice actor, host, designer, intercessory prayer warrior, Human Beatbox Academy workshop facilitator, and blogger based out of Downtown Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. I opened for Michael Winslow, the Jabbawockeez, Quest Crew, and Blue Scholars. I have also performed alongside with my colleagues Tom Thum, Jake Shimabukuro and Makana. I have also lived in Northern California, New York, and abroad in Beijiing, China.

I am also a three-time HawaiiSlam First Thursdays top 12 performance poet, two-time TEDx Talks presenter, and I am ranked as one of the top 150 professional beatboxers in the world who qualified for the Beatbox Battle World Championship in Berlin, Germany. I am the Hawaii Scene Choice Award recipient for the Best Solo Performer Award, TEDx Talk Presenter Award Recipient, and I am also featured in the Hawaii Grammy Award (Na Hoku Hanohano Award) Nominated Hip-Hop/R&B Album "Nobody Owns Me," and I was voted as the Best Local Musician Deserving a Wider Audience in the Honolulu Weekly.

I graduated from McKinley High School. My classmates included singer Yuna Ito, fashion designer Kini Zamora and photographer Tom Quach. I have also graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University (北京外国语大学) and the University of Hawaii at Kapiolani. I also enrolled in the MELE Program for Music Business and Audio Engineering offered through Belmont University's Mike Curb College of Music Business and Entertainment and Honolulu Community College. Through that program I was taught by professors from Nashville, TN and Honolulu, HI. Yes, I make the music with my mouth and the music genres I perform are hip-hop, rhythm and blues, house, funk, drum and bass, reggaeton, dancehall, and dubstep among others. I've been producing music with my mouth since 1987 and professionally since 2004. On February 2, 2008, was launched as the official Jason Tom website, blog and electronic press kit. Thanks to people of all walks of life, is one of the World Wide Web's most engaging website blogs with visitors and feedback from all over the globe including Japan, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Philippines, Europe, United States of America, the Hawaiian Islands and those throughout the Aloha State of Hawaii.

​I've traveled with my music throughout the Hawaiian Islands such as the island of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hilo of Hawaii Island. I've done shows on the West Coast in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland, California. On the East Coast, I've also traveled to and lived in the Big Apple, the birthplace of hip-hop culture New York City. I am featured on Beatbox Battle Television that is based out of Berlin, Germany. I've also worked on a project in Sydney, Australia that will launch in 2018. I also financed a solo beatbox performance tour in the People's Republic of China. I've collaborated live with Michael Winslow, Tom Thum and Jake Shimabukuro. I've also opened for the JabbaWockeez, Quest Crew and Blue Scholars. While you are here, please browse through my website to keep up to date, learn and discover more of who I am, what I do, my story, and journey. Also you can learn the services I do provide and offer.

Mahalo nui loa (Thank you Very Much in Hawaiian),
 ofAcademy and the founder and blogger of

Blog Feedback

Who is jason tom? ..... the years of high school that I know .
1. He stands his ground .
2. He's kind, helpful, smart, humble, skilled.
3. The night I saw you on the bus (09) I wished i knew you beatbox I would have beatbox with you

Jason kind of reminds me a gecko; a gecko always adapts and recovers from all the hardships he went through. The curves in Tom Thum's "Jason Tom" logo design looks really cool!

It's nice to see Jason's personality imbued in a gecko designed by him. Cool, fitting, totally Jason lol. I like it!

Jason Tom is a really dope guy. He's really funny, chill and positive. He inspires me. Jason Tom really loves God. He's awesome.

it is D O P E ❤️

This is so inspiring and great. I hope you continue what you're doing because you're amazing!

Your new name logo looks fantastic. Really fancy cursive. Keep up the good work Mr. Tom.

The logo looks awesome! Keep on making a difference in this world one beat at a time!

I thinks this is good for u keep up the good work love the new name keep on keeping on bro way to make the world change and put a little beat in there step box in there lives on to bigger and better things

Hey man I really dig the new logo! It suits you!

Awww I love all of them Jason, especially Tom Thum's one attracted me a lot :D Just DOPE!!!!!!!!!

Awww that's amazing Jason!!! I love the sounds of ukulele and awesome Collaboration with your koool beat box(´◡͐`)☆

That was brilliant good on to the both of you

That was great mix of the new and old . That was really impressive I liked so much. I like how he taught you one thing and you taught him one thing.

Mahalo mahalo for sharing the traditions and aloha! Continue spreading the love and being you❤️

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