For Realz First Friday

Ong King Art Center, 1154 Fort Street Mall, Honolulu

Come on down to the bohemian heart of Honolulu (Ong King on Fort Street) to join in the festivities.... Kava will be flowing, the music will be bumpin', and the dance floor will be filled with flow arts. Show up for the art, and stay to dance the night away... We have fresh, crisp art to tantalize your visual cortex, And musical sounds to get you into the groove, and dancing through the night... come on down to embrace locally sourced, 100% organic, art, performance, music and dance...

Music by: Jason Tom - The Human Beatbox Jason began beatboxing and scat singing at the tender age of six. Since 2004 he has been rocking the mic as a freelance musician and inspirational speaker to young and old alike while spreading an urban a cappella art form known as vocal percussion.

“Known as Hawaiʻi’s human beatbox, Jason Tom, a Kapiʻolani Community College alumnus, is using beatboxing—a form of vocal percussion that uses the mouth and voice to create sounds and rhythms—to spread a positive message about 'staying on the beat' when it comes to achieving your goals.”

The Silva Linahs Locally grown, but universal in nature, the Silvah Linahs take island rhythms, infuse them with down-home soul, and then coat them with lyrics of heart and spirit. Definately an act to catch to uplift your being, and get into the groove.

Dhevhan Keith When words are not enough - music is what feelings sound like. Raw, and at times whimsical, songs crafted out of memories joyful and blissful... and heart-wrenching bittersweet moments best forgotten but held on to for dear life. A mix of ballads, bluesy, soulful and feel good island tunes.

BSOS (Brighter Side of Sol) BSOS is an incredible collaboration of Music from different areas of the globe. Featuring Guitar and Sitar by the amazing Shree Sadagopan, Latin inspired polyrhythmic ecstatic beats by Jaycob Sierra, and deep bass lines to stir your body and soul by James Harmon

Dance: Kimmer Horsen Kimmer Bighorse will be sharing the Native American art of hoop dance..." dance for healing, (even myself) and all people who are disabled or sick at this time. Come and hear the drum, the heartbeat of mother earth. I do it for the love of my roots and of course for all you lovely artists out there.... this dance is not for the weak of heart. It is a warrior's dance. Not only is this a creation dance but it is a healing dance only used in ceremony for many years. I hope that Creator will allow me to keep dancing for many more years to come."

Art Exhibitions by Chanel Tanaka & Scott Fitzel ORBITAL pt II The sun and moon appear to be in contrast but in fact they are in perfect harmony. Come explore that with us? Collaboration by Artist Scott Fitzel & Artist Chanel Tanaka

Cheyenne Petree and Irvin Soltero Drawing Inspiration from nature, and their connection with creatures of all shapes and sizes, Cheyenne and Irvin will be showing their original works before Cheyenne leaves the island on July 1st.