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In Search Of The Chinese Kid That Raps | MC Jin | TEDxUCSD

December 9, 2016 at 01:52AM

In Search Of The Chinese Kid That Raps | MC Jin | TEDxUCSD


Estria Events

October 4, 2011 at 09:43PM

Come check out these upcoming Estria events... there is a lot going on and I will also be rocking the mic reppin' Hawaii and the art of beatboxing.

Wed, Oct 5th - Estria VIP Party
@ SMSHBX, 18th Street and Telegraph, 6-9pm

Thu, Oct 6th - The Can Film Festival feat. Bomb It 2
@ Roxie Theatre, 3117 16th Street, San Francisco, CA, 6-11pm

Fri, Oct 7th - Pecha Kucha Night
@ Oaksterdam, 1600 Broadway, Oakland, CA, "Women Creating Art," 7-10pm

Fri, Oct 7th - Estria Foundation Art Show
@ SMSHBX, 18th Street and Telegraph, Oakland, CA, 6pm-8pm

Sat, Oct 8th - Life Is Living/Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle Finals
@ DeFemery Park, 1651 Adeline Street, Oakland, CA, 11am-6pm

Sat, Oct 8th - Official Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle After Party
@ Beta Lounge, 2129 Durant Ave., Berkeley, …

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Who is jason tom? ..... the years of high school that I know .
1. He stands his ground .
2. He's kind, helpful, smart, humble, skilled.
3. The night I saw you on the bus (09) I wished i knew you beatbox I would have beatbox with you

Jason kind of reminds me a gecko; a gecko always adapts and recovers from all the hardships he went through. The curves in Tom Thum's "Jason Tom" logo design looks really cool!

It's nice to see Jason's personality imbued in a gecko designed by him. Cool, fitting, totally Jason lol. I like it!

Jason Tom is a really dope guy. He's really funny, chill and positive. He inspires me. Jason Tom really loves God. He's awesome.

it is D O P E ❤️

This is so inspiring and great. I hope you continue what you're doing because you're amazing!

Your new name logo looks fantastic. Really fancy cursive. Keep up the good work Mr. Tom.

The logo looks awesome! Keep on making a difference in this world one beat at a time!

I thinks this is good for u keep up the good work love the new name keep on keeping on bro way to make the world change and put a little beat in there step box in there lives on to bigger and better things

Hey man I really dig the new logo! It suits you!

Awww I love all of them Jason, especially Tom Thum's one attracted me a lot :D Just DOPE!!!!!!!!!

Awww that's amazing Jason!!! I love the sounds of ukulele and awesome Collaboration with your koool beat box(´◡͐`)☆

That was brilliant good on to the both of you

That was great mix of the new and old . That was really impressive I liked so much. I like how he taught you one thing and you taught him one thing.

Mahalo mahalo for sharing the traditions and aloha! Continue spreading the love and being you❤️


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Jason Tom is an American born again Freelance beatboxer, motivational speaker, session musician, mathematician, voice actor, TEDx presenter, blogger.