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Blog Feedback

Nice man, didn’t know you drew comics!

Great work Jason! Keep striving towards your goals and giving thanks to the one above. You got this bro!

I think this character is brilliant and quintessentially Hawaiian too. Plus geckos are awesome.:-)

nice☺︎i like it.
you have a lot of special gifts.
you should come to japan.and do some shows!

Looks good bro... I like it
Your character very characteristic

Very cool Tom I Injoy reading ur story very inspirational ; Love ur character should make t- shirts for ur logo character n if u do; I want one lol.. Man I so attempted​ to come back to Hawaii for a few weeks in the summer.. Anyway Tom all I could said just keep doing all the wonderful things u doing is all in the name of Jesus Almighty God.. So with this said want to wish u an amazing Bless Healthy Happy Thanksgiving.. God Bless..

Thanks Jason for sharing ur videos. I enjoy seeing you throughout the community doing ur thing. Hawaii has a lot of talented people. I especially like seeing the smiles of the children on stage with you. God bless you brother!

Thank you for honoring our Veterans and for sharing your stories. I want to thank my dad for serving in the 442nd.

Awesome! What a great blog. Mahalo to all our veterans, we are grateful for your service! And Thanks Jason for all u do! So cool to see all the keiki learning how to beatbox. Keep up the good work! Much luv and respect!

MaHaLo for sharing awesome stories Jason

I like the ones where you collaborate with people! Skill Roy 19, 4, 20, and 3!

Excellent post @jasontom! Paying homage to those who paved the way for us, your personal family members and or veterans. As well as teaching and building the next generation. You show love and respect to both the past and present. Keep doing what you're doing Jason Tom!

Wow you have so many awesome videos!!! I love all your performances:-) You always ROCK!!!

Nice bro, keep being you, and keep inspiring!

Wow you are all over the place!! My favorite is when you throw the hat!!!
I also like the way you moonwalk, you make it your own its more like moon-running!!

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