Jason Tom (譚志豪), Hawaiʻi's Human Beatbox

Jason Tom Top 20 Human Beatbox Videos

March 3, 2017 at 02:53AM

Here are the top 20 Jason Tom Human Beatbox videos based on viewers (musicians, non-musicians, performance artists, non-performance artists, beatboxers, and non-beatboxers). These made the top 20! Is there one that you do not see (an honorable mention)? Please comment below.

20. Jason Tom @ Pearl City HS

​19. Brisbane's Tom Thum and Honolulu's Jason Tom

18. Jason Tom & Cherry Lei at Art After Dark

17. 808's Beat Box Master

​16. Moanalua Drug Free - Waikiki Bboys / Jason Tom / Diverse Arts / BRK

15. Jason Tom Beatboxing

14. Jason Tom "有隻雀仔跌落水 (有只雀仔跌落水)" Chinese Beatbox Remix

13. Jason Tom (Human Beatbox) at 2013 Children & Youth Day Hawaii

12. Jason Tom (Human Beatbox) Demo Reel

11. Jason Tom "Happy Birthday Kealoha (Hawaii Slam)"

10. Jason Tom, beatbox-dance number

​9. Jason Tom performs Soundscape

8. Interview with Jason Tom (The Human Beatbox Academy) ジェーソン・トム

7. Jason Tom @ Apex 2011

6. TEDxHONOLULU - Jason Tom - Vocal Groove

5. Jason Tom "Listen Carefully" (Beatbox Original)

4. Beat Boxing by Jason Tom

3. Jason Tom "Beatbox Lobby" Freestyle

2. Jason Tom from Hawaii - Beatbox Battle TV - Freestyle 

1. Jake Shimabukuro jams with human beatbox - LIVE!

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