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January 1, 2016 at 01:48PM

I just learned that Yahoo News archived two videos of my KITV Morning News appearance. Yes, there's a band-aid on my left cheek and no, it's not an attempt of my Nelly look, but it was to cover up my allergic reaction to an insect bite. I felt very self-conscious with the band-aid on.

Local beatboxer shares his sounds
by KITV - Honolulu Videos 2:17 mins

Description: Jason Tom is a local beatboxer sharing his distinct sounds around the world, and to local keiki through his "music with a message."

Interview Transcript
Jill Kuramoto: Still here with us this morning in the RAW artists series, we got the beatboxing tunes of Oahu's own Jason Tom. He's performed for nearly a decade and is educating many young and old about the art. Welcome Jason, thanks for coming in!

Jason Tom: Welcome!

JK: So you told me earlier that you been doing this since you were four?

JT: Since I was 4-years-old, for fun, and I got into performing in 2004.

JK: And you've actually gotten pretty far with this now, tell me.

JT: I've traveled, gone to, you know the East Coast, the West Coast, and in China too, overseas.

JK: Wow, so you're pretty much Hawaii's only/most recognized beatboxer?

JT: Most recognized. There's other beatboxers too. I teach kids and they've picked up the art too.

JK: And now, so right now you're just competing and then you're telling me that you're also going to the schools.

JT: Yeah, just doing tours, Say Yes To Purpose and Music With A Message. Um, I'm mainly performing. Performing. Not.. Every now and then I'll enter a poetry slam. First Thursdays.

JK: Every now and then when you're feeling the urge? Yeah?

JT: Yeah, just the itch to get in there.

JK: (Laughs) But competing is what you enjoy the most?


JT: Um, performing is what I enjoy the most. And competing just keeps me on my toes.

JK: And what do you tell the kids when you go into the schools?

JT: I tell them, I share that I'm not on drugs, stay in school, don't give up. Go, keep, go with their dreams and stuff like that. So...

JK: And you think they can kind of relate to the beatboxing?

JT: Yeah, 'cause it's you know? Young and hip.

JK: (Laughs) Alright, well, it's great to have you here and you're gonna perform for us for a little bit. Show us what it's all about. Alright Jason Tom, hit it!

Oahu Beatboxer Jason Tom performs
by KITV - Honolulu Videos 2:04 mins

Description: He's performed for nearly a decade, and is educating many young and old about the art form of beatboxing.

Interview Transcript
Jill Kuramoto: In this morning in our RAW artists series, we got the beatboxing tunes of Oahu's own Jason Tom. He's performed for nearly a decade and is educating young and old about the art. Good morning, thanks for joining us this morning.

Jason Tom: Good morning Jill!

JK: So you been doing this since you were four? Beatboxing is actually a lot harder than it looks?

JT: It's a lot of fun.

JK: (Laughs) Yeah and so, you've been performing for a decade. These days, that's what you're doing, but you're going into the schools too?

JT: Yes, I visit Oahu schools, high schools and middle schools and sometimes elementary.

JK: What are you telling them?

JT: Just sharing that you can definitely follow your dreams, and just work hard, stay in school. Stay away from drugs, because that can mess anyone up.

JK: And so, you've actually taken your talents to the mainland. You've been competing. And you told me recently that you're in a movie too.

JT: Yes, I'm in a film called, "American Beatboxer," and it's based in New York. And I went there to represent Hawaii. So it's being screened right now in film festivals.

JK: Awesome! Alright, well congratulations! And we're glad to have you here this morning. So you're going to give us some beatboxing skills? Give us some taste?

JT: Sure!

JK: Alright, take it away!

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