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PUJA 2010: Love Letters at WCC Paliku Theater

May 10, 2010 at 06:02PM

the masterful GUI ALVES for PUJA: LOVE LETTERS 2010

photo: Joe Marquez

the Rhythm Renegades for PUJA: LOVE LETTERS 2010

photo: Joe Marquez

SANGHA Dance Theater for PUJA: LOVE LETTERS 2010

photo: Joe Marquez


photo: Bob McKeand


photo: Joe Marquez


photo: Joe Marquez


photo: Joe Marquez

Willow Chang and Passport Productions Presents


Windward Community College Paliku Theater
June 5th, Saturday 7:30 p.m. & June 6th, Sunday 2 p.m.

As Hawai’i’s Original Multicultural Dance Concert and Festival, we celebrate our third year with PUJA: LOVE LETTERS. This event combines dance, movement and music including traditional and innovative approaches. The show and cast promise to deliver the inspiration, diversity and creativity which are now synonymous with PUJA.

In 2008 Willow Chang and Passport Productions presented PUJA: An Offering In Dance, a journey in movement and music with artists from Honolulu and Proxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 road. Puja, the Sanskrit word meaning "offering,” is a celebration of devotion and the divine, expressed here in dance.

As Hawai’I’s original theatrical dance concert featuring both traditional AND modern dance, it’s no surprise both shows sold out!

In 2009, the vision continued with the concert PUJA: Gods and Monsters. This show brought together artists from all corners of the globe to explore the wealth of stories, myths, movement and music, spanning experiences that are both unique and universal. It also marked the debut of the PUJA dance Workshops, with 25 different classes offered by the artists in the concert.

Now in its’ third consecutive year, PUJA Annual Dance Concert & Festival continues in 2010, with the theme PUJA: LOVE LETTERS.

This show will explore ALL aspects of love, from romantic to familial, friendship to platonic, to love of country, a special place, a type of dance and all the shadowy sides of love like jealousy, madness and heartache.

The PUJA Dance Concert & Festival is a unique and groundbreaking experience that celebrates where tradition and innovation meet.
Performing: Argentine Tango (George Garcia & Isla Tango)
Modern Dance & Oriental Belly Dance (Willow Chang)
Jen Shannon & Convergence Dance Theater
Swing Dance with The Hawaii Jitterbugs
Chinese Qi Gong (Michael Hamilton)
Swasthya Yoga (Guilherme Alves)
Willow Chang’s SANGHA Dance Theater (contemporary fusion & Oriental Belly Dance)
Samba Axe
Pepper Raefin
Martial Arts with Anne Au
Break Dance with The Rhythm Renegades
The Page Dance Academy
Tahitian Dance with Herenui O Taehani
Butoh Drag Modern Dance Art with Sami Akuna & Giinko Marischino
Hula from Kumu Michael Pili Pang
Sewa Fare & Baydenyaa African Dance Ensemble
Salsa with Phillip Duong & Kimberly Tordjman
Beat boxer Jason Tom
Kirsten Wilkinson KWDance- modern dance
Special guest artists: Anasma from Paris, performing World Fusion & Oriental inspired dance
Arianna Halima al Tiye & The Nubian Moon Daughters - New York City
and returning from India, Colleena Shakti - Classical Indian Odissi dance!

Tickets are available pre-sale ($20 for students & seniors, $25 general) & at the door ($25 students & seniors, $30 general). For more information please contact Jason Tom at, or Willow Chang at,

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Jason kind of reminds me a gecko; a gecko always adapts and recovers from all the hardships he went through. The curves in Tom Thum's "Jason Tom" logo design looks really cool!

It's nice to see Jason's personality imbued in a gecko designed by him. Cool, fitting, totally Jason lol. I like it!

Jason Tom is a really dope guy. He's really funny, chill and positive. He inspires me. Jason Tom really loves God. He's awesome.

it is D O P E ❤️

This is so inspiring and great. I hope you continue what you're doing because you're amazing!

Your new name logo looks fantastic. Really fancy cursive. Keep up the good work Mr. Tom.

The logo looks awesome! Keep on making a difference in this world one beat at a time!

I thinks this is good for u keep up the good work love the new name keep on keeping on bro way to make the world change and put a little beat in there step box in there lives on to bigger and better things

Hey man I really dig the new logo! It suits you!

Awww I love all of them Jason, especially Tom Thum's one attracted me a lot :D Just DOPE!!!!!!!!!

Awww that's amazing Jason!!! I love the sounds of ukulele and awesome Collaboration with your koool beat box(´◡͐`)☆

That was brilliant good on to the both of you

That was great mix of the new and old . That was really impressive I liked so much. I like how he taught you one thing and you taught him one thing.

Mahalo mahalo for sharing the traditions and aloha! Continue spreading the love and being you❤️

Yoo! my brother from another MOUTHer!!
That's fresh logo as you are! Come down Japan and let's rock together!!


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