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MJ Movie Night

November 12, 2009 at 06:06PM

Michael Jackson Movie Night Photo Recap:

I bought these IMAX movie tickets in advance on Wednesday, October 28th, and each came with a Michael Jackson "This Is It" movie concert tag. I caught the movie with 15 or so friends on Sunday, November 1st. My reaction: This Is Exc"It"ing.

I got to Regal Dole Cannery Stadium 18 & IMAX early to wait for friends to arrive.

Testing out lighting on a 3-year-old cam.

I am the Michael Jackson ticket go-to man for tonight.

Lighting finally starting to work. Meet Tom!

Get your "This Is It" movie ticket right!

Now I'm glowing with Reiko.

This time it isn't the camera's fault, we're really that bright.


Yup Reiko and I are really really bad.

Movie tickets never tasted so good.

Is it really Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson This Is It movie poster pose.

Then my friends found out it's actually the back of Michael Jackson that we're seeing on the poster. Michael Jackson wears his glove on his right hand.

Patrick Soler of Stillborn Skies, their CD release party is on Friday, November 27th at the Loft. Don't miss it... big announcement coming soon.

She told me her name was....

Billie Jean as she caused a scene.

We go wayyy back. Even before the ice age, but we haven't aged.

Immovable MJ.....

Not for long, because I've been hit by, I've been struck by... a smooth criminal.


Reiko is working on a doodle, and I already know it's going to be cool.

It's Jabryann's birthday, and we're having a MJ party!

I met Ki (sp?) at the Aloha Music Project (AMP) "Monster Melodica" event that I emceed at UH Manoa.

Good friend Andy. He helped me glide through the roughest of rough times during the start of my career.

Doodle courtesy of Reiko (visuals) and I (checklist).

Christine and I... both big MJ fans.

This one with my eyes closed looks like I have a thought bubble with "WOMEN." Classic!

Only in theaters.

We don't have refreshments, but...

we got the one glove.

I ♥ you Michael Jackson! My friends wrote me that we should have another MJ movie night. Let's do it!

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Blog Feedback

Hey Jason,
Glad to see you still performing! Keep up the good work! Hopefully, you'll come back to the Bay area soon!

love the caption "Her math tutor can dance". :)

What a beautiful tribute to your dad! He must be so proud of you. Thank you for your labor of love to your students and to the community.

Happy labor day,
Interesting read.

Jason you are awesome, so focused and committed to your craft and compelled to share and educate others. Human Beatbox Academy?!?! WHAT!?! Amazing, I didn't even know. Keep it up, look forward to our future encounters my friend.

Amazing performance of dance using sound and body. Your have an amazing flow.
Keep sharing that talent of yours!

Yup bro yu are awesome as I am big fan of beat box and yu ar beatboxer as I am fan of yu tool.

That was amazing!!! Beatboxing and doing the moonwalk at the same time!!! Mind-blown dude!

Amazing job. proud of yah bud. keep it up

Way to go my friend! So proud of you Jason!!!

I'm so glad I got to see you perform Jason! You were awesome!

Dawg u get um no worries keep doin wut u love braddah

It was great seeing you perform and meeting new people.

Nice job! It's great seeing you do what you love!

Aloha Jason,

I can't thank you enough for sharing the work that we do for Kapi'o with your fan base. We appreciate when we get to share the stories of others with us, but also have more appreciation for when they share it with their loved ones and closest friends. Mahalo for all of your support, stay blessed!


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