Jason Tom (譚志豪), Hawaiʻi's Human Beatbox

Hawaii Beatbox School

August 5, 2013 at 06:10PM

Jason Tom "Love Letters"

In 2004, Hawaii's human beatbox Jason Tom started a beatbox performance ministry. Before First Fridays Hawaii (the underground art and music scene in Chinatown Honolulu) existed and back when First Thursdays HawaiiSlam was perhaps the most popular event in Chinatown at the time (Studio1 and pre-Fresh Café days). In 2006, Jason began a teaching ministry by facilitating a human beatbox workshop at Central Middle School. In late 2008, he re-kicked started his beatboxing path at Word of Life Emerge, and also facilitated a human beatbox workshop at Word of Life Academy (pre-Kidz Life).

In 2009, Jason performed at the Diverse Art Center for Word of Life Emerge. Then in 2010, he teamed up with the Diverse Art Center and facilitated weekly beatboxing workshops (three days a week) which reached out to Hawaii's high school students, college/university students, and working professionals. In 2011, Jason co-founded a studio/venue/office work space in one of the Chinatown Artist Lofts with partners, and he founded the Human Beatbox Academy to reach out to Hawaii's youth and communities. He was assisted by Biggie Gz. In 2012, Jason began to cultivate and nurture a Hawaii beatbox crew and community via the Human Beatbox Academy's vision and outreach endeavor. 2013, the Human Beatbox Academy is now on the move into a new studio space from Chinatown to Kaka'ako. More on Hawaii beatboxing lessons soon. Stay tuned! For general inquiries you may contact Jason for more information here.

The Human Beatbox Academy founder Jason Tom with Biggie Gz and Wiz Kalika

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