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2015 Best Nine on Instagram

January 1, 2016 at 02:30AM

Celebrities such as Ellen DeGenerous, Beyonce and Taylor Swift recently generated their "2015 Best Nine" on Instagram. Find out what your 2015 Best Nine are at and don't forget to add the hashtag #2015BestNine

Here are my 2015 Best Nine on Instagram @mrjasontom:

1. Me and my friend Miss Kauai USA Liane!

2. My friend Jody of Ukulele Hale and I collaborating on "Mr. Loo", a song about a manapua man, at Regal Bakery (video).

3. Jody beat-syncing to my beatboxing with female back up dancers at Fresh Cafe Downtown (video).

4. Heart & Soul (w/ Jody and Tj) and I collaborating in a performance at the Hawaii Baptist Academy (video).

5. My cover story feature by Nina Wu on the Honolulu Star-Advertiser's Today (PC: Craig Kojima).

6. Almost Local TV's behind-the-scenes photo with Fernando Pacheco of the filming of my musical guest feature on episode six of the show (PC: Farah Gee).

7. Peter and Vina of HNL Flow and I after meeting about being a guest speaker at the Hogan Entrepreneur Program.

8. My repost of Cherry Lei's Hawaii Beatbox Jam post. 

9. My TEDx Talk (PC: Eugene Hopkins).

Here's to more great memories!

Happy New Year,
Jason Tom, Hawaii's Human Beatbox

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