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Jason Tom Top 25 Video Marathon

November 3, 2017 at 09:15PM

Jason Tom beatboxing live and headlining Art After Dark at the Honolulu Museum of Art.

Ever ran a marathon or watched a marathon of your favorite television series? Growing up, I watched TV marathons for "I Love Lucy" and the 1950's classic "Adventures of Superman" that starred George Reeves. When I reflected I remember how my late grandmother on my father's side enjoyed watching the black and white version of Adventures of Superman with me. On this year's Father's Day I lost my father and this marathon is the result and the fruit of my father's labor of love and hard work. Marathon? Yes, I am running this marathon of my Top 25 videos compiled by the fans and our community on my blog here. Enjoy, come and join me in running this marathon. I'd love to hear from you in my blog comments. I want to thank you and you know who you are in advance. I also dedicated a video in loving memory to Sandra Li. Sandra, you are greatly missed. I miss you Sandra!

What also inspired me to run this marathon? I've learned that life is not always about running a fast sprint at full speed all the time. In our lives, how we finish is vastly more important than how we start in what's most important in our lives. We can develop, hone, mature, and build our character through time when we treat time as our friend. We also can develop our endurance. When we go through the finish line we've accomplished something and go through our threshold. Some give up and some doubt they can make it. Many do not start before they ever fathom they can reach the finish line. What matters is that it is not a race that is ahead of us yet it is how we pace ourselves throughout our lives. I personally remind myself of that daily. Most important lesson we can apply in our lives is when we learn and mature in how we pace ourselves. "The end of a thing is better than its beginning; The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit." -Ecclesiates 7:8

In closing, those new to finding out about me and to those who want to know if I have YouTube videos. My answer is, "yes," and I've got you covered, because my Top 20 YouTube videos were selected and compiled by you the fans and the viewers of our community too. Thank you and I love you. -Jason Tom

25. Jason Tom At Ong King Art Center

24. Jason Tom At Chaminade University

23. Jason Tom At Fresh Downtown

22. Jason Tom At Tantra Album Party (this video is dedicated in loving memory of Sandra Li... she is greatly missed)

21. Human Beatbox Academy's Eli So Fly At Art And Flea Boom Bap

20. Mr. Loo by Jodi Kamisato And Jason Tom

19. Jason Tom And  Rock Steady Crew's Skillroy At Waikiki

18. Jason Tom And Chelsea Caban At The Tantra Album Party

17. Jammin' At Minato's Japanese Restaurant

16. Spocom Supershow At Anaheim Convention Center

15. Rudolph the Red Nose Raindeer Rehearsal

14. Casie Dedication 1: Michael Jackson Medley

13. Art And Flea Boom Bap: 90's Hip Hop Celebration

12. Hawaii Slam First Thursdays

11. Musical Guest for Improv Hawaii at Pagoda Hotel

10. Prisma Dance Summer Program Intensive Workshop

9. Jason Tom performs Michael Jackson's Billie Jean for the Moon Festival At Chinatown Cultural Plaza Moongate Stage

8. Casie Dedication 2: Michael Jackson Billie Jean Moonwalk Tribute


7. Life 360 Network

6. Friday Night Flow At Inspire Church Waikele

5. Butterfly... Butterfly.. Butterfly...

4. Hawaii Beatbox Jam: Madd Rabbit And Jason Tom

3. Ukulele Beatbox Tutorial

2. Kapiʻo News Feature

1. Child of the 1980's Beatbox Moonwalk: Jason Tom At Ala Moana Centerstage


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These are all great videos! My favorites are the Moon Festival & Ala Moana.

Jason Tom ~ One of a kind in Hawaii and taking on the WORLD as a fresh MC of the mouth. Happy to have worked with you and look forward to seeing more of your positive and professional influence.

You are example the giving tree of hope, keep sow goodness around Hawaiian
Islands which only priceless feeling done whatever see a person smile. Ya, didn't see you on November 5 (anime day)

Love the vids bro. My favorite is the one filmed in black and white where you are beatboxing for B-boy Skill Roy during a Waikiki B-boys street show. Keep progressing man!

Awesome vids buddy! Love it when you add some classic Michael Jackson into your work. Looking forward for more and keep up the good work.

Jason Tom is very inspiring, when he came to our school he had everybody off there seats. He as inspired me to do what I love and that anything is possible. As long you are up to it and he has worked hard to be here today. So these videos he posted are awesome with all his hard work put into it.

Hi Jason,I love how you have dancing and other people alongside you. I like how you have great spirit towards everyone and all your performances are Awesome.

Awesome! So many cool videos. U have such a wealth of experience. Thank u so much for always sharing your talent with so many in the community.

Thank you for sharing your videos. My favorite is Ala Moana. I actually saw it in person. Met your friend Gale.

Your absolutely right... We start off at the same line. Some start off wrong, some are fast, strong, while others are alone, start off with handicaps, you name it... The list can go on forever. Everyone has their own pace and that is the beauty of it all. It's not a life lesson... It's a life journey. Without the hurdles (the hills and valleys ) it would not be normal. Realizing we can do the race in our own grace is when it's at its greatest, embrace it! The blessings are never ending when we turn to our Father. You're a walking vessel of God. May he continue to watch over you ❤ and bless you!!!


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Wow! That was amazing! You’re amazing! Way to go Jason!

Thank you Jason for sharing your story. I believe that your story encourages and inspires others especially those that have lost a loved one. God bless you and your family my brother.

This guy hustles



Keep it up bro

Jason is the best !!! I'm very proud of you.

I loveeeeeee

Thank you for sharing. Clap clap. Needed some entertainment after a long week of work.

I really enjoy ur performances and I hope to one day watch you in person at one of your events. I grew up a huge Michael Jackson fan so I love it when you beatbox his stuff. Keep those videos coming, alright!

Enjoyed your music beat I laugh smile w joy want to come their join you dance w the beat but it lift my illness spirit I felt alive never give up I laugh when I listen to music I used my finger dance w the beat that so awesome Jason keep doing what you do one day I'll be standing by you w pen paper picture taking thumbs up

This is so cool Jason! Such a beautiful scenery. It must have been so peaceful out there. You were awesome!

Awesome! I love the choice of mj songs you melted and how you lightened the tone of some heavy ones, that's refreshing! Beautiful location too!

Nice! I like it!

Ur very talented and ur performance's rock. Love it!

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Jason Tom is an American award-winning beatboxer, speaker, voice actor, mathematician, and author of his Music, Hip Hop And Faith Life Blog.

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The other night after a show I met an 82-year-old lady who is involved with helping communities and she invited me to join her for dinner. We reinforced things about one another. Some of the things she mentioned of me is that she said I have an \
The other night after a show I met an 82-year-old lady who is involved with helping communities and she invited me to join her for dinner. We reinforced things about one another. Some of the things she mentioned of me is that she said I have an \
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Watch Jason Tom's King of Pop Jam: Michael Jackson Medley on HI Sessions Acoustic Live!
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Jason Tom is an American award-winning beatboxer, speaker, voice actor, mathematician, and author of his Music, Hip Hop And Faith Life Blog.

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