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Who is Jason Tom? #JasonTom

April 9, 2017 at 10:17PM

In your own words.. who is Jason Tom? Of the time you've known him or known of him, or of the little or a lot that you know of him, if you could describe him in some words, adjectives and or sentences, what would they be? How would you describe who Jason Tom is? Keep in mind there is no right or wrong answer, and please respond below in this Jason Tom Music Blog Post's comments section. Thank you!


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Great entertainers are far and few between. Jason is a great entertainer and motivator on stage. Need more like him!

A friendly lad that easily gets along with others!

I've known Jason Tom since we were in high school. He's a friendly, caring and happy dude. He's also an awesome, talented beatboxer too! People still mistaking both of us as a twins...we do look alike though!

Jayson Tom is an amazing artist with a talent that very few posses and all though he has been deemed the best in the world he is one of the most humble people i know. He always has a hand extended for anyone that needs it and his motovation is inspiring. The first time i heard his beatboxing i was blown away. He shared his stage with me, called me up there to sing along with his beat and it was a crazy awesome experience that i could never forget.

One of the friendliest people I ever meet. Jason is a beat boxing machine! He is talented, creative, flowing and skilled both as an artist and a person.
Open minded and always there to help and support

Jason Tom is a talented artist and is one of the few people I know who actively pursues his dreams to the fullest extent possible. I've emceed a few events in which Jason performed and continues to blow me away with his professionalism and general love for what he does. Jason, you hustle and grind on the daily and have so much fun while doing it -- it's a true joy to witness you grow as a person and as an artist.


Jason Tom is a talented human beatboxer with great passion to excel ! Keep moving :)

Jason is an incredibly talented beatboxer and a dedicated entertainer. Although we still have yet to meet up in person, I can tell from our conversations that he is truly a genuine, kind-hearted, and hardworking person. He definitely has a big heart and gentle soul. :) I hope we can meet up one day when I visit Hawaii or when he comes to visit Chicago. Keep up the awesomeness, Jason!! ^_^

Jason is someone with passion. Passionate about his work, passionate about his dreams, and passionate about his faith. He's a wonderful guy and a great friend.


Blog Comments

You are a man of many talents! A true renaissance man.
Every time I hear a gecko in my house, I feel a sense of peace. Gecko Man!

That is such a neat story and cool creation to use from it! I believe Jason Tom becomes more and more creative because he has an audience to speak to. Keep expressing JT! We're absorbing you!!

I am glad you are putting your dreams into reality! The only way to progress is to always push forward. Every step will lead you to your destination. I am wondering what your plans are for this logo? Honest opinion, visually, the color of him is a little washed out. Depending on how you brand this and use it, people may not understand what this is, but is an amazing vector and captures your personality and essence. I can't wait to see where this takes you!

I really like the concept and the drawing! Really moves the reader

Cool story bro.

This is pretty dope! And cute story

It's an awesome drawing.

Awesome J! Thx for sharing, really dig Gecko Man! Cool to hear about your personal experiences and how they influence your art. Keep it up man, you're rocking it!

As much as I hate Geckos this is super duper cool!!

Awesome bro! I think the story behind it seals the deal. Keep up the good work and keep doing you!

Super cute! I love this!


You're very talented Jason!!!!!
I thought this gecko is you tho(´◡͐`)
Awesome work, I really love him!!!!!!

I love it. I love gecko's . The gecko have always brought me so much joy and laughter. When I see a Gecko - I thank Jah - Gecko is so you. Spreading your light to all. I love when they especially share their music. Awesome choice

dope, you could make it into a kids book some how.