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Who is Jason Tom? #JasonTom

April 9, 2017 at 10:17PM

In your own words.. who is Jason Tom? Of the time you've known him or known of him, or of the little or a lot that you know of him, if you could describe him in some words, adjectives and or sentences, what would they be? How would you describe who Jason Tom is? Keep in mind there is no right or wrong answer, and please respond below in this Jason Tom Music Blog Post's comments section. Thank you!


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Jason Tom is one talented person, who does beatboxing for a living. I saw him a couple of times: Estria Waterwrites Foundation at Honolulu Community College (2011); the old Eleven 44 (Bambu 2/The Venue) nightclub for a Oahu Fringe Festival (2011); most recently, I saw him last year (2016) at my cousin's place, Goody Goody Bar, for the "Innovative Sessions Open Mic Night." Other places include two of my favorite C-Town (Chinatown) places: Downbeat Diner and NextDoor (Hawaii). He enjoys life with a passion, through his religious beliefs in God. More power to him, I say. Jason has traveled all around the world to compete in beatboxing tournaments. Jason also teaches beginners how to do it, by giving them beatboxing lessons (see the "Art Smith"). Mister Tom is a nice and inspirational guy with a great business acumen. His friends are never far away from his side. Never quit and give up on your dreams. Aloha and Mahalo..

A confident Human Beat boxer from Oahu. Who travel around the world to show his talent. He goes to Word of Life on sundays and has his own Life Group. Goes to different bars and events to show his beat box. Keep up your good work Jason Tom.

Jason is a good and this is the best beatboxer in the world.

Hi! I am your fan of Jason Tom. We love to beatbox onto the microphone! And I would perform like the other beatboxers! Do you want to give Jason and I the shout out with pride. And I will press the submit button on the bottom of where I typed! Love and aloha Jordan from Hawaii!

Jason is a friend, a dreamer, a radical voice of hope, a true talent, and a man of grace.

Jason Tom is the chaser of dreams who leads by example!

My friend Jason Tom is awesome. I'm proud of him and his performance in beatboxing. During years he became more and more talented.

Jason Tom is a very encouraging and gifted beat boxer who does more than just beat boxing. He humbles himself before God, and helps people to understand his sovereignty, his word,, and his love. The thing that I most appreciate about Jason is that he is a man that doesn't forget his friends and family, and remains honest and real no matter where God may take him.

Wow! Who is Jason Tom. I have to describe him with the first word that I used in this sentence. Such a god fearing man, inspirational to the youth, friendly, approachable, and very outgoing. What a wonderful godly man firstly, and an awesome beatboxer in the ranks. I feel privileged to know Jason, because he is a very real individual who has pasion for what he does in the beatboxing community, and always has a drive to do better in his field. I still believe that he rocks the mic so well. You're awesome Jason Tom. G-d bless you! You have my respect!

Your a inspiration of epic proportions rock on your a solid friend and loving person of everything in life make you project about your life in every way


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The worlds #1 beatboxer!

A super energetic performer and entertainer.

Though I've never met him, he appears to be a holistic individual who emphasizes on being healthy spiritually, mentally and physically. I believe this is what has driven him to achieve his goals and kept him running the race :)

Upbeat, both in personality and in art. A connecting force in the community and music circles. Fresh energy in the international beatboxing realm. Innovative niche-maker in Hawaiian entertainment. Christ-follower. Someone I have known for years and am glad to call friend. That's Jason Tom to me.

Jason Tom is living proof that dreams come true if you work for it! He is a mentor, an inspiration, and continues to be humble through all his achievements. He is a friend to all!

Some people tell you about their dreams. Jason Tom actively pursues it every day.

Jason (or “Spidermon” as I used to call him in Highschool) can be perceived as a bit shy on the surface. He is still the same kind and genuine person as before except now more well-known. He is ready to bust out his beatboxing talent anytime and anywhere and share his passion with anyone willingly to learn and listen.

He exudes a special type of charisma that you can’t help but to feel inspired in his presence. Because you can see the overflowing passion in his eyes while it also tugs at your soul. I know he attributes much of his success and opportunities to GOD, but he is a super hard worker who is constantly working to improve his craft and himself. Because he never settles for just good enough.

The most important thing (I believe), is that he has not forgotten he is human-- who lives and hurts just like the rest of us. But he is able to turn the negatives and use it as incentives for positive development.

If you ever have doubts in yourself, Jason is the living proof that anything is possible.


Jason Tom is my very talented my eyes and experience he is one of the world's best beat box entertainer and a master at his talent in rythms and beats and tones...very first time I saw and met him a few years ago at a event in Aloha Tower Honolulu, when i heard him I knew then he would be as good as he wants to be...keep it up my friend
Rolando Sanchez

Jason is very talented. He can sing, beatbox and draw!

Jason Tom is a pioneer of the art of human beatbox in Hawai. Artist, Educator, Creative Entrepeneur.

Jason is an amazing beatboxer who captures his audience with his talented array of beats. His desire is not to keep his talent, yet to inspire others to grow their ability to stardom. Generously gives his time and talents to delivery a positive message while he was volunteering for MUSIC WITH A MESSAGE for almost a decade reaching over 10,000 to 20,000 students each year high and middle schools.

Jason Tom is the local prodigy to rise from this little island called Hawaii to become a professional rapper and make it big. But not only that he is very kind and holy and praises Our holy father named Jesus

He is a very friendly and humble guy. He always convinced people to follow their dreams no matter how big or small their dreams are. Since I first saw him in 2006 , he has been my motivation to follow my dreams.

Jason Tom truely is a human beat box. Full of inspired talent in the realm of interpreted beats and sounds, he captivates audiences with his enthusiasm and love for beat boxing and brings people together from all walks of life to share his unique talent and skills in the art. Inspiring people to venture outside of thier comfort zone and to reach for the stars, Jason Tom encourages others to follow thier heart and passions, whatever it may be, in alignment with positivity.

Jason Tom is an aural shaman. In a band, nothing is more important than the rhythm, kept in alignment by the bass or drums. Jason Tom provides that in spades, grounding you in an immaculate surreal soundscape, and plays a perfect host as he establishes the background before he starts to slant the narrative via classy changes until you realize you've been led into a wormhole and have come out of it with extra Hip Hop genotypes that end up becoming phenotypical as you exude a little more street out of your pores as collateral damage from the Jason tom experience, which is what you wanted all along but never realized you did:)

Jason Tom is a professional beat boxer
And also a big inspiration to the youth of Hawaii and many other places
I've talked to him personally and I know that he's a very good person and he follows his dreams
He's full of motivation talent and love for music!