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In your own words.. who is Jason Tom? Of the time you've known him or known of him, or of the little or a lot that you know of him, if you could describe him in some words, adjectives and or sentences, what would they be? How would you describe who Jason Tom is? Keep in mind there is no right or wrong answer, and please respond below in this Jason Tom Music Blog Post's comments section. Thank you!

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Jason Tom is an outgoing guy who is not afraid to make new friends. He is a passionate guy who loves to share life with others through his music & faith. It's been really nice getting to know Jason & all the dope places God is taking him!

To me Jason Tom is a very talented young man that's on a mission from God to not only entertain but to touch the heart and spirit of every single person in his path. He understands that life doesn't always turn out the way we want or expect it to be but that with God all things are possible. He truly cares about people and is filled with the love of God and that is why I feel he does what he does. That to me is who Jason Tom is.

I have the pleasure of knowing Jason Tom personally. I have found him to be a young man with great integrity. His high energy style of beatboxing translates well I to high energy love of God. My husband and I have prayed with and for him on more then one occasion and count ourselves blessed to call him a beloved brother in Christ! -Terina Duncan

The first time I saw Jason was at Lemonade Alley in 2014 I believe and he was very cool and he taught me some of the basics to beat boxing and it was a cool experience and I saw him again a few days ago on the bus and I recognized him immediately because I've been keeping up with his work through the years and even though I did not speak to him I had the chance to talk to him on one of his posts and he was just as I remembered him in 2014 kind, humble, and patient.

Jason Tom is a mighty man of God who courageously uses his gifts and talents to glorify God & help others. He is kind, brave, humble with a huge heart to see others encouraged and well! He is a good brother, a mouthpiece for this generation, an awesome beat boxer & gentlemen! Thankful to know him!!

Came across Jason Tom on IG. Didn't have a clue who he was at first. But then his true personality showed in his posts, pics, his life. An incredibly talented artist from the islands with love and appreciation for people, simple things in life, true happiness. Priceless and very real! Relatable and admired by most because of his sincerity in all things.

Jason is a world class talent with a passion for beatboxing. Beyond his incredible talent, Jason is a hard working, creative, loyal and compassionate human being who is clearly an outstanding example of living aloha. He is an inspiration to the world, including myself.

Jason Tom is more than just a talented beat boxer. He is respectful of all views and loves to find common ground. And he gives back to his community through the ways that he finds spiritually gratifying.

Congratulations Jason Tom, everything is fantastic on your approach making priceless memories in Hawaiian islands. Maybe if you don't mind being our VIP guest on our podcast, if you attend kawaiikon anime day on November 5 .Oh yes,we are outrageous nonprofit puppeteer

Jason Tom is a good guy, who reached out to me and prayed for me when I told him I was going through "a difficult time" in my life. He got me to laugh again and reminded me of the things I enjoy in life. He prayed for me and reminded me, that Jesus knows my heart and loves me unconditionally. I was feeling prettty worthless and unloved at the time. Jason, helped me to feel hopeful again and trust in God. I'm thankful for such a friend and think he is a great motivational speaker:)




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