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July 27, 2017 at 01:30AM

I remember about two years ago when a website owner approached me about purchasing his domain and it was an opportunity I seriously thought about. Would have a been a nice project to work on, and the potential of what may have been. I was not the highest bidder and it got sold to someone else. The asking price of the owner was somewhere in the neighborhood of the four digit land. How much it sold for once it was sold though is an undisclosed amount and it's currently in the right hands in the rebranding process.

​I have an idea of what it is to have maintained and to maintain a near decade to be reliable and to function at optimal level so that folks can contact me direct to book and hire me for a project and or event, etc. I will say the value have increased since my last personal assessment.

Doing a more recent assessment, is valued for a $987,299.00 ($412,094.00 previously) worth according to StatChest, and though I haven't calculated the value of on my personal end for this current time to see how accurate that number is, I am aware and I do recognize that my domain is within a six-figure range and higher.

Other sites will state different and right off the bat I can tell that these automated generated numbers are inaccurate and I can assertively and confidently state that none of these are at all near the worth or value of my domain, because how much my domain maintains the operations of what I am able to do as a freelance musician and professional beat boxer. The way it valued popular websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, also varied by a lot from website to website to the point these websites aren't reliable sources to appraise a domain name. After all, these are all guesses, automated and estimates, below are other assessments, but these aren't as accurate:
​$66,248.00 - Site Hour
$2,076.00 estimated value and $1,038.00 estimated worth - Website Value
​$1,340.00 - Domain Index 
​$481.00 - Free Domain Stats
​$372.00 - Up Site Worth
​$372.00 - Value My Domain
​$280.00 - My Domain Worth
​$251.00 - Value Gator
​$230.15 - Free Valuator
​$97.00 - Web Value Calculator
​$56.80 - URL Appraisal
​$10.00 - Val Bot
​$8.95 - URL Rate

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Well, all these value calculator give an idea about a website and it's associated information so you don't have to visit many other website's to get all those stats information.


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Enders Game, The Great Gatsby, Of Men and Mice, Maximum Ride. I need to read more books. I haven't read so long Bc I've been attached to the ones I've already read.


Jason You're amazing guy! Huge congrats from Poland!

Well, all these value calculator give an idea about a website and it's associated information so you don't have to visit many other website's to get all those stats information.

Jason definitely deserves an auditorium of his own. He done a lot promoting the arts(especially beat-boxing) and inspiring people like myself to enjoy and constantly try to perfect an art and have an unstoppable mindset.





Congratulations, my friend! I'm so happy for you, Jason!!! How awesome and totally wicked would that be! I know you've worked really hard and is always inspiring people all over the world. You do you and keep up the great work. Dreams do come true and good things do happen to good people!

Now wouldn't that be something! Your art has definitely touched lives. I look forward to the day it gets built. I'll be excited for that sam choy aquatic center also :D

Aye that's lit. Keep doing what you're doing and you're putting a positive influence to a lot people

Jason Tom is a one-of-a-kind individual. During my sophomore year of high school, I remember watching him beatbox for our school for just a few minutes and was blown away by the amount of talent he was able to showcase in just that limited amount of time. Fast forward about three years or so, I was looking to write a feature story of a KCC alumnus/alumna for the KCC newspaper and came across Jason's name online. He was quick to respond to me when I reached out to him, and he was very interested in being featured. I got the chance to interview him, and couldn't believe the stories that he had to share with me. Over a two hour period, I was able to learn a lot about who Jason was, and he has proved to me that anybody can make it in life when even in the toughest situations. His humor and charismatic nature really bring his personality to life, and I blows me away to know that he has a positive impact on the community not only through his beatboxing but also through his words. Jason is inspiring, and I'm glad that I got to chat with him and share his story with many others and beyond.


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A child of the 1980's and child of God, Jason Tom, Hawaii's Human Beatbox, read Charlie's Victory, Moonwalk, Comeback & Beyond, Change Your Story.