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December 4, 2009 at 12:24AM

Early last month I was a guest entertainer for the TEDxHonolulu (TEDxHNL) conference which took place at the Hawaii Convention Center. "TED" of "TEDx" is a acronym for "Technology, Entertainment, Design," and the "x" of "TEDx" represent "an independently organized TED event." TED's motto is "ideas worth spreading."

Courtesy of Ed Morita of Grilled Cornbread LLP Courtesy of Ed Morita of Grilled Cornbread LLP

I want to thank Janel and Nari for accompanying me.  Props to Ninja Nari for the vids:

TEDxHonolulu - Jason Tom - 11/05/09 (performance)

TEDxHonolulu - Jason Tom - 11/05/09 (interview w/ Angela Keen)

Angela Keen: How long have you been doing this?

Jason Tom: Performing wise 5 years, but I've been doing this since I was 4-years-old.
*Playfully says* I was holding back by the way. *laughs*

*crowd laughs along*

Angela Keen: So when you were 4-years-old, what was the first thing that you did?

Jason Tom:
Okay, the very first song?

Angela Keen:

Jason Tom: Okay so I used to do scat too.
I would sing "Bad."
So "dun dun da-dun da-dun-dun" with the snare. *snare*
That was my very first technique. *snare*

*performs the bass line of Bad and sings the chorus with the beat at the same time:

"You know I'm bad,
I'm bad,
you know it, you know,
and the whole world has to answer right now
so tell me once again
who's bad?"

*crowd cheers and applauds*

Jason Tom:
So that was my very first (beatbox) technique (at 4-year-old). *snare*

Angela Keen: *Playfully asks* Can you pat your head, rub your tummy, do that at the same time? *laughs*

*crowd laughs along*

Jason Tom: Well I gotta hold the mic too.

Angela Keen: *laughs* Just kidding. I'm just kidding. It takes a lot of coordination to...

Jason Tom: I can actually dance and beatbox at the same time.

Crowd: Do it!

Jason Tom:
Okay, real quick sample.
*performs "Billie Jean" with the popping dance at the same time*

*crowd cheers and applauds*

Angela Keen:
What was the most difficult thing someone said to you, because I'm sure in the beginning you probably had some type of criticism.

Jason Tom:
Let's see. That's a tough one, that's a good question.

Angela Keen:
Whether a laugh, someone said you were silly, or you know saying be quiet.

Jason Tom: Well there are actually people that find it hard to get out there, and they'll criticize me. They'll say, "hey you should give up.. quit!" But you know successful people fail more. So we can't quit and give up. *inaudible* It comes from here (patting heart).

Angela Keen: Thank you. And it comes from here , and here, and here. Okay, thank you so much Jason.

Jason Tom: Thank you.

*crowd applauds*

Sound check: I performed with a cordless Shure Beat 87A supercardioid condenser vocal microphone. I love the overall feel, warmth, clarity, and accuracy of that microphone model from the Shure brand. It's marketed as the premier live performance microphone.

Here's a quick low down of what went down:

Neil Blecherman and Jill Buck were the first speakers for TEDxHNL.

Then an inspiring TED Talks video of Stuart Brown who discussed the importance of "play" was shown. After that was break time (my favorite part since we get to loosen up). I also got to "play" for a while to warm up before my performance.

After the break Henk Rogers was the next speaker for TEDxHNL.

Followed by my performance for TEDxHNL:
Courtesy of geewhy Courtesy of geewhy Courtesy of Elliot Ng of Courtesy of Ed Morita of Grilled Cornbread LLP Courtesy of Ed Morita of Grilled Cornbread LLP Courtesy of Elliot Ng of Courtesy of Elliot Ng of Courtesy of Elliot Ng of Courtesy of Ed Morita of Grilled Cornbread LLP Courtesy of Ed Morita of Grilled Cornbread LLP Courtesy of Ed Morita of Grilled Cornbread LLP Courtesy of Ed Morita of Grilled Cornbread LLP  
This was what got buzzed on Twitter:
@mikeprasad At #TEDxHnL with @rethinkbunny! Watching the most awesome human beatbox EVEr! #rethink

@adamontherun #tedxhnl is #rethink ing the robotic beatbox :)

@christinelu Jason Tom at #TEDxHNL human synthesizer. Amazing!!! #rethink

@leahlamb when art stretches the confines of the imagination. This kid is making a full orchestra of sounds from 1 mouth. #tedxhnl #brainexplosion

@elliottng #tedxhnl RT @jowyang: There's beat boxin here at TEDx Honolulu

@billso Jason Tom beatboxing #tedxhnl

@kenbrady Beatboxing and dancing performance by Jason Tom just ended. Fun stuff. #tedxhnl

@techmama RT @christinelu Jason Tom at #TEDxHNL human synthesizer. Amazing!!! #rethink

@EZF_TechMoms RT @techmama: RT @christinelu Jason Tom at #TEDxHNL human synthesizer. Amazing!!! #rethink

And my impromptu interview with Angela Keen:

Then this was what got buzzed on Twitter:
@dkmashino Wow. After the beat-boxing, Jason Tom says "successful people fail more." Yup. #TEDxHNL

@leahlamb "succesful people fail more" #tedxhnl

@bjgoldstein RT @cfnoble: Jason Tom "Successful people fail more." #TEDxHNL #rethink

@jillbuck #tedxhnl words of wisdom from Jason Tom, awesome beat boxer, "successful people fail more."

@RichWhite RT @cfnoble: Jason Tom "Successful people fail more." #TEDxHNL #rethink //// Love it !

@leehop Jason Tom "Successful people fail more." #TEDxHNL #rethink (via @cfnoble) AMEN!!!

@valto RT @leehop: Jason Tom "Successful people fail more." #TEDxHNL #rethink (via @cfnoble) AMEN!!!

@teppohudson AMEN indeed! RT @valto: RT @leehop: Jason Tom "Successful people fail more." #TEDxHNL #rethink (via @cfnoble) AMEN!!!

@shebesosilly2 RT @teppohudson AMEN indeed! RT @valto: RT @leehop: Jason Tom "Successful people fail more." #TEDxHNL #rethink (via @cfnoble) AMEN!!!

@nerdseyeview favorite moment from tedx honolulu? beat boy jason tom saying "successful people fail more often.#tedxhnl

After my interview with Angela Keen, our final TEDx speaker Kaiser Kuo was next (his TEDxHNL video hasn't been uploaded yet),  and then the conference closed with a Q&A. After that we all talked story:

Big ups to Neenz, Christine Lu, and Traci Toguchi for organizing TEDxHNL. The Hawaii Convention Center for having us. Angela Keen also did an awesome job emceeing the event. I also want to thank our guest speakers Neil Belcherman, Jill Buck, Henk Rogers, and Kaiser Kuo. Oh, and I also want to thank all fellow TEDxHNL attendees. I've met so many great folks from Re[Think] Hawaii and TEDxHNL.

Check out these other TEDxHNL/Re[Think] Hawaii related blog posts (if there's more please write me):

*Photos courtesy of Ed Morita of Grilled Cornbread LLP, Static Photography, Courtesy of Elliot Ng of, TEDxHNL flickr photo pool, KK, geewhy, billso, and more.

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Jason You're amazing guy! Huge congrats from Poland!

Well, all these value calculator give an idea about a website and it's associated information so you don't have to visit many other website's to get all those stats information.

Jason definitely deserves an auditorium of his own. He done a lot promoting the arts(especially beat-boxing) and inspiring people like myself to enjoy and constantly try to perfect an art and have an unstoppable mindset.





Congratulations, my friend! I'm so happy for you, Jason!!! How awesome and totally wicked would that be! I know you've worked really hard and is always inspiring people all over the world. You do you and keep up the great work. Dreams do come true and good things do happen to good people!

Now wouldn't that be something! Your art has definitely touched lives. I look forward to the day it gets built. I'll be excited for that sam choy aquatic center also :D

Aye that's lit. Keep doing what you're doing and you're putting a positive influence to a lot people

Jason Tom is a one-of-a-kind individual. During my sophomore year of high school, I remember watching him beatbox for our school for just a few minutes and was blown away by the amount of talent he was able to showcase in just that limited amount of time. Fast forward about three years or so, I was looking to write a feature story of a KCC alumnus/alumna for the KCC newspaper and came across Jason's name online. He was quick to respond to me when I reached out to him, and he was very interested in being featured. I got the chance to interview him, and couldn't believe the stories that he had to share with me. Over a two hour period, I was able to learn a lot about who Jason was, and he has proved to me that anybody can make it in life when even in the toughest situations. His humor and charismatic nature really bring his personality to life, and I blows me away to know that he has a positive impact on the community not only through his beatboxing but also through his words. Jason is inspiring, and I'm glad that I got to chat with him and share his story with many others and beyond.

Cool, you will become more popular.

That would be really cool to see that! It would be an honor!

Happy to say that the story of Jason has been published and can be read on our Kapi'o website at Thanks again Jason for allowing me the opportunity to share your story with many others, and for shedding light on our growing student newspaper! Check out for more!

This is awesome! Well-deserved for bradda Jason! This guy knows how to work hard, puts himself out there and performs. He also knows how to give back

Cool, you would become more popular.


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