Jason Tom (譚志豪), Hawaiʻi's Human Beatbox

Start of a new beginning!

May 30, 2008 at 02:22PM

This is a test.

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Hey Hio,
your site looks to be starting off to a great start as well. I look forward to what you will also have in store. I'm also updating and am planning on more features. So stay tuned, and check back on a regular basis okay? Get the word out about the movement!

Thanks Jamie!
Will do! I promise! ;)

Hey Jason, the place looks fab. :) Got your email and nope, not having any issues at my end. :)

Thanks uonlao,
will definitely do! I have more plans underway. So please stay tuned, get the word out, and we're going on a journey together.

Hey Camper,
thanks for scoping things out for me. I'm glad this site is not out of place for you. I'm looking into it just in case.