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June 16, 2008 at 03:25PM

Who here remembers Well, here is some background information before I start my entry, Community Connect ('s parent company that also launched,,, and closed, and gave birth to In other words they subtracted the "nue" from and added a new with a fresh infrastructure. Still with me here? Some new features that were not in the old site include blogs, unlimited photo uploads, video uploads, groups, style, rate me, music profiles, comments, and more. Old features that remain are chatrooms, forums, news, member find, notes, guestbook, friends list, flirt, MOTD, etc.

Anyway, this year on June 3rd I became's featured Member of the Day (MOTD) for the entire month of June, thus I am currently its Member of the Month. I've been notified that it won't be until July when they resume alternating Members of the Day on a regular basis again. Last year on April 25th I became the first staff member to represent MOTD. Since then I've hosted and founded the group known as "AsianAve Music" with over 2,500 members. I've also sported the official t-shirt to show off my dorkiness and loyalty. Back in 2005, I was bombarded as an Member of the Week (MOTW) with notes, guestbook entries, and page hits in the hundreds to thousands. MOTD pales in comparison, but we also have to consider that is an entirely new site. There are plenty of new faces, and also familiar members on there. If you haven't yet, join today, and add me at Don't be a stranger! If you're from, don't forget to write!

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Haha, how did Bun Bun get all up in here? Is she a frog now? :P

Hey ChaCha,
you get a kick out of it, that's what. :) Thanks for stopping by and for being you! Good work? I'll work at being excellent to satisfy your hunger for more. :P


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Jason kind of reminds me a gecko; a gecko always adapts and recovers from all the hardships he went through. The curves in Tom Thum's "Jason Tom" logo design looks really cool!

It's nice to see Jason's personality imbued in a gecko designed by him. Cool, fitting, totally Jason lol. I like it!

Jason Tom is a really dope guy. He's really funny, chill and positive. He inspires me. Jason Tom really loves God. He's awesome.

it is D O P E ❤️

This is so inspiring and great. I hope you continue what you're doing because you're amazing!

Your new name logo looks fantastic. Really fancy cursive. Keep up the good work Mr. Tom.

The logo looks awesome! Keep on making a difference in this world one beat at a time!

I thinks this is good for u keep up the good work love the new name keep on keeping on bro way to make the world change and put a little beat in there step box in there lives on to bigger and better things

Hey man I really dig the new logo! It suits you!

Awww I love all of them Jason, especially Tom Thum's one attracted me a lot :D Just DOPE!!!!!!!!!

Awww that's amazing Jason!!! I love the sounds of ukulele and awesome Collaboration with your koool beat box(´◡͐`)☆

That was brilliant good on to the both of you

That was great mix of the new and old . That was really impressive I liked so much. I like how he taught you one thing and you taught him one thing.

Mahalo mahalo for sharing the traditions and aloha! Continue spreading the love and being you❤️

Yoo! my brother from another MOUTHer!!
That's fresh logo as you are! Come down Japan and let's rock together!!


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