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Nine Year Walk With God

October 31, 2017 at 09:22PM

With Pastor Art Sepulveda at Word of Life Christian Center

Romans 12:2, ​"do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed in the renewing of your mind."
Jason Tom at Word of Life Emerge Youth Rally

To be intentional with Father God is to be intimate with God the Son and to be counseled by God the Holy Spirit.

When I decided to get intentional with Jesus is when the devil's plan of destruction over my life failed. Not overnight. Had the devil's plans succeeded last year I would not be alive to write my first faith blog post today, literally, and October 24th marked my ninth year intentional walk with Father God. The devil flunked the course when Jesus rescued and avenged me on the behalf of me and my family. Jesus is our avenger. And Father God is our way maker. God is able to make a way when there seems to be no way. We can overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of our testimony. Each one of us have testimonies and they are unique.

​With Pastor Art Sepulveda and Wally Matanza, Men of Conquest Conference at Word of Life Christian Center
Father God's plan to prosper us in our lives is far greater than the plans of the kingdom of darkness. There is that saying that cats have nine lives and I learned that Father God wonderfully and fearfully made me to be a cool cat to restore me whole after all the "torment" I endured by the kingdom of darkness. Father God's plan in my life is established and fulfilled as I type to do the works of the ministry.

​Jason Tom and sisters in Christ Jesus

This past October 4th, my father would have made his 85th birthday, and years before his passing I shared that Jesus loves him and my father smiled. When I prayed and fasted, I invited my father to come with me to church and he accepted my invitation. This year, my father passed on Father's Day, a significant day. My nine year intentional walk with Father God began at Word of Life Christian Center. I confess that it has been far from an easy walk with Father God as I experienced many peaks and valleys, because the kingdom of darkness were relentless to take me out.

John Lum And Jason Tom, Encounter Weekend With God at Word of Life Christian Center

My rock is Jesus and if it ain't for Him, I would not be alive in spirit or in the flesh today. Father God pruned me and disciplined me. Father God, convicted me and humbled me to equip me, mold and shape my character. I am grateful to Father God, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost for my family, my brothers and sisters in faith at Word of Life, and around the world. Jesus pulled me out of great despair. Jesus healed me of "trauma." And Jesus avenged me of the "torment" that the devil had put me through.

Encounter Weekend with God at Word of Life Christian Center

The picture below was taken two years ago at church when I was not aware it got taken. I remember though, it was when I went through a season of "birth pains." It was spiritually tangible and uncomfortable. It was one of my life's toughest seasons. In that moment I told Father God, "my heart is fully and wholely surrendered to you Father God and I am ready to receive all You are willing to do with me, in me and through me."

Praise And worship at Word of Life Christian Center

Even when I was not fully committed to Father God, His patience, mercy and grace over me and my life surpassed my own understanding. The Holy Spirit remained steadfast and faithful to me and my family. Jesus did not give up on me and the Holy Spirit pursued me even when I ran from Father God. The devil taunted and tormented me before Jesus rescued and avenged me. I literally felt that I was Job. I know not to run from Father God, because I will run to Father God in His arms and unconditional love. Jesus is my strong tower of refuge. Whether we are intentional with God or not, the devil will be relentless only to kill, and to steal and to destroy our lives. When we are intentional with Jesus daily, the devil knows he is defeated and the devil knows he was defeated at the cross of Calvary... when we have this revelation, that is when Father God can truly work in us, mold and shape our character to be the child of God that we are called and designed by God to be. Jesus has since taken me into a season of restoration, wholeness and harvest.

Encounter Weekend with God at Word of Life Christian Center

Thanks to Jesus and what He did on that cross, the devil is a defeated foe in my life and the devil is under my feet. I put on the full armor of God daily and today I am equipped as a prayer warrior for the Kingdom of God, my family and friends. I know first hand through the "torment" I went through that my struggle is not against flesh and blood, but it is against powers, against principalities, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual darkness in heavenly places. Father God made that known to me that I am the head and not the tail, I am above and not beneath, and that I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus and that God has his hand of protection over me, my family and my life the whole time. Father God never let go of me and God the Son pulled me out of the devil's grip. And the devil is a liar and he no longer can "torment" me ever again, because I am no longer a slave to fear.. I am a child of the Most High God. Jesus Christ is Lord. I am born again. I was not given by Father God a spirit of fear, but I am given power, love and a sound mind... the mind of Christ Jesus and the spirit of the fear (honor, respect and great reference) of the Lord. -Jason Tom

Jason Tom at Word of Life Emerge Talent Show Video Credit: Isaiah Viernes

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I love how you share your story.. about your relationship with God. "keep up the good work Jason." GOD BLESS!!

This is just great stuff Jason. I love what you stand and your strong faith in God!

This is a powerful testimony. Thank you for sharing this. It’s a story about God’s redemption. So glad God intervened at the right time, otherwise we wouldn’t have met.


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Jason Tom is an outgoing guy who is not afraid to make new friends. He is a passionate guy who loves to share life with others through his music & faith. It's been really nice getting to know Jason & all the dope places God is taking him!

To me Jason Tom is a very talented young man that's on a mission from God to not only entertain but to touch the heart and spirit of every single person in his path. He understands that life doesn't always turn out the way we want or expect it to be but that with God all things are possible. He truly cares about people and is filled with the love of God and that is why I feel he does what he does. That to me is who Jason Tom is.

Jason, Mahalo for writing & sharing. That was so inspiring, healing, & filled with so much love & light !!! May everyone be blessed on our allumined paths, and as we welcome this new year that we remember how loved we all are & to choose love, light, and happiness. Thank you for reminding us! Brings a smile to my face, warms my heart, and happy tears to my eyes :)

I find ur story very inspiring my friend. Thx for sharing it. I also lost my Dad and I know it's not easy talking about those kind of things. You are a MIGHTY MAN OF GOD and I know that God's best is yet to come. Alright my braddah! Merry Christmas to you and ur family!

So awesome Jason!

Congratulations jason you are the man,i hope you have a nice dream!

Congratulations Tom! Keep brimming from the heart beat.

Dr. Miko

Congratulation're the best beatboxer

Congratulations Jason! So proud of you and excited for all that the Lord is doing in and through you!

Much congratulations JT,

You've definitely come a long way since the very beginning of your beat boxing career many years ago. Congrats on the new collaboration with HI Sessions and for reminding us all to be persistent and keep pursuing our dreams.

So 3 million hits should be coming up soon right? :)

- Hio

God loves you too. His love for everyone of us is unconditional love. In math is limiteless.

Hello! Great dancer and beatboxer. Would be honored to cruise with this awesome guy.

Go Jason!!! Keep climbing that ladder and and make us all proud!!!

Congratulations!!!!!! Youpiiiii

Wow !! Congratulations !!! My friend from Hawaï !!! I hope to meet and work with you one day !! Peace and maximum respect !!

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Jason Tom is an American beatboxer, speaker, voice actor, Life Group leader, mathematician, and Life Blog author reaching 2 million unique readers.

#latepost Post prayer night of prayer week with brothers Kyoshi, Nathan and John Lum at Word of Life.
Thank you Pastor Wally Matanza for pouring onto the men you've led and are mentoring, including me, today. Thank you for not ever giving up your faith in me and for exhortation. I pray for supernatural protection, provision and traveling mercies as you, Patti and Isaiah reach nations. I recall when I first arrived at Word of Life and how one of the leaders you've mentored consolidated me. I will not forget how Jarmal impacted my life and my early walk with God as a baby Christian. He eventually got married and moved to the mainland. Then 2016 was when God called me back to your team. And from 2016 through 2017 the Holy Spirit counseled me to remain faithful to the leadership of John Lum. The Holy Spirit then counseled me on what I needed to do when I acknowledged Him in all of my ways and Father God ordered my steps. Then I got called to step up this season as one of your 12 and one of Word of Life's 144 Life Group leaders, an irrevocable call. As a man of God, it is an honor to serve among our team of mighty men of valor Rick, Paul, Shawn, John, Jordan, Mario, Sonny, Laneke, Michael, Nathan, Jason C., and Louis. I miss you Darius! This year 2018 is a year of new beginnings. Thank you Jesus for your glory, kindness, goodness, presence, and power!
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Jason Tom is an American beatboxer, speaker, voice actor, Life Group leader, mathematician, and Life Blog author reaching 2 million unique readers.

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