Jason Tom (譚志豪)

Hawaiʻi's Human Beatbox

Jason Tom featured on Beatbox Battle TV

June 7, 2014 at 05:22PM

Jason Tom featured on Beatbox Battle TV:

Jason Tom is a the master at his craft. BOOM! #Amazing skills, right here.

Congrat my man jason from Hawaï ! Hope to meet ya one day peace !!

Jason Tom is the best human beat box !!!

Wow! Fantastic as always Jason. Truly amazing and world class. Your beatboxing skills has truly fascinated me to the ultimate of impressions of greatness. I can't compare your fabulous talent to no one . Keep rocking the mic like you do and continue to impress fans lke me who will always support and encourage your great talent.

Love you Jason!


Go Jason Tom!

very cool . Saw Jason perform at a TedX conference several years ago . Wish him nothing but success

Way to go Jason!! woohoo! GO HAWAII!!

Jason has incredible talent and blesses everyone with it. Continue success!

Nice job Jason, as always! So talented.. and it's so great of you to teach others (esp the younger ones) the art of beat boxing, thus starting a movement of this art in Hawai'i

Yo you are the truth!!!straight talent

Nice Vid! Tweeters misses your beats! I think you really inspired her. Now she jams to any rhythm; scrubbing noises, mynah birds outside, even to just the sound of her own little heart beat. And she, inspires me! :D

Amazing talent, Jason! Keep on doing what you do best! Much success to you!!

Jason Tom, you are unique and you rock it..so awesome


Well done Jason. Congrats

Rock that mic Jason! You continue to evolve and that is the sign of a TRUE artist. BAM!!!

Epic talent!


You're so talented! :) meeting you was such a blessing and i hope to see you again.

This artist is the truest sense of the word. Jason Tom comes from the same world in which artists like himself remain genuine, unique, and humble. He engages the crowd and keeps them pumped. Much love for Jason Tom,

Best Cocoa~

Ho, fun! I was really feeling it at :50 when it turnz kinda klubby. Started making my own vocals. Got me movin'. Hit it Jason!

Aloha! I've known Jason for a couple of years now and I have to say: it's not often I meet someone as consistent and PASSIONATE about his craft. He follows thru, DELIVERS siiick entertainment and is genuinely an all around sweetheart! I've seen him get dooown teaching small kids, to teens to adults to move beyond their comfort zone and experience the awesomeness of using your own body as a musical instrument...FREAKING COOL. Jason: You have my vote any day. Me ke aloha pumehana

Jason you are a great artist .. Fabulous

wow nice one :)

Jason is superb at what he does...and he's a good guy to boot!

Hey JT,

Wow close to 13k hits!

It's amazing to see how far you've come. You should be so proud to have become such an inspiration to so many. Great job as always my friend.

Jason your love and dedication to beat boxing is paying off.Glad you're finally on a global platform for all to see. Hwaiting!
Tish ;-)

Jason you are so talented!! That was awesome!! Great job!


Good stuff

Excellent video, awesome beatboxer!

Kewl & keep it up =)...


Awesome, awesome, awesome as usual Jason!!!!

My man Jason.!!
Man you have grown since we met i LA..!!!
Keep up the good work..!!
All the best
Your fan for life..!

Truly a wonderful performance and unique art form! Beat boxing can be difficult to do; it takes great skill, precision in both breathing and muscle control, a great ear, comfort of one's own body, plus high charged energy to engage an audience. Jason Tom has all those skills, combined with massive drive. I predict Jason Tom will be laying down tracks soon and touring.

Go Jason! Go Jason!


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