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ARTafterDARK Rakugaki Recap

June 20, 2014 at 12:17AM

Dane Neves (of Not Another Puppet Show) and I shot my Beatbox Battle TV video at Pu'u 'Ualaka'a State Wayside (a location recommended by Craig Garcia) on the morning of ARTafterDARK Rakugaki. The "Jason Tom from Hawaii - Freestyle - Beatbox Battle TV" video has over 12,000+ views and counting. I want to thank everyone who has been sharing, liking, and commenting my Beatbox Battle TV video. Your support means a lot! It's the first time Hawaii and an Asian American is featured on the Beatbox Battle TV YouTube Channel. It's also the second Hawaii beatbox video to be featured on the Beatbox Battle TV website. I want to thank Beatbox Battle for reaching out and supporting Hawaii beatboxing.

After shooting that video I prepared for ARTafterDARK RaKugaki. That event itself was a success. Attendance exceeded the Honolulu Museum of Art's capacity of 2,000 with over 2,233 that came out, and this is an ARTafterDARK record high for 2014. I want to thank God, my fans, supporters, the organizers, the dancers, and more! Also I want to thank Cherry Lei, Kealoha, PRV, and Diamond Inouye for our collaborations. Below are some of the event photos by photographer Joe Marquez of the Smoking Camera:

ARTafterDARK Rakugaki

ARTafterDARK Rakugaki

Jason Tom ARTafterDARK performance footage by Poohko Hawaii

ARTafterDARK Rakugaki
Skill Roy of Rock Steady Crew Hawaii

ARTafterDARK Rakugaki

ARTafterDARK Rakugaki
B-boy Hi-Jack

ARTafterDARK Rakugaki
Dawson rocking the dance floor.

ARTafterDARK Rakugaki
Gogo dancer Cherry Lei

ARTafterDARK Rakugaki
Jason Tom on stage

ARTafterDARK Rakugaki
Chocolate Reign b-boy freeze

ARTafterDARK Rakugaki
Funky T popping

ARTafterDARK Rakugaki
Jason Tom and Cherry Lei

ARTafterDARK Rakugaki
Jason Tom and Cherry Lei

More photos here.

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You are a man of many talents! A true renaissance man.
Every time I hear a gecko in my house, I feel a sense of peace. Gecko Man!

That is such a neat story and cool creation to use from it! I believe Jason Tom becomes more and more creative because he has an audience to speak to. Keep expressing JT! We're absorbing you!!

I am glad you are putting your dreams into reality! The only way to progress is to always push forward. Every step will lead you to your destination. I am wondering what your plans are for this logo? Honest opinion, visually, the color of him is a little washed out. Depending on how you brand this and use it, people may not understand what this is, but is an amazing vector and captures your personality and essence. I can't wait to see where this takes you!

I really like the concept and the drawing! Really moves the reader

Cool story bro.

This is pretty dope! And cute story

It's an awesome drawing.

Awesome J! Thx for sharing, really dig Gecko Man! Cool to hear about your personal experiences and how they influence your art. Keep it up man, you're rocking it!

As much as I hate Geckos this is super duper cool!!

Awesome bro! I think the story behind it seals the deal. Keep up the good work and keep doing you!

Super cute! I love this!


You're very talented Jason!!!!!
I thought this gecko is you tho(´◡͐`)
Awesome work, I really love him!!!!!!

I love it. I love gecko's . The gecko have always brought me so much joy and laughter. When I see a Gecko - I thank Jah - Gecko is so you. Spreading your light to all. I love when they especially share their music. Awesome choice

dope, you could make it into a kids book some how.