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5th Annual American Beatbox Championship

October 1, 2014 at 12:31AM

I will be at the 5th Annual American Beatbox Championship in New York City on October 10th, 11th, and 12th.

Designed by: Reeps One | Photo Credit (right): Joe Marquez - the Smoking Camera

I recently started to raise funds by pre-orders of the Jason Tom "Soar Like An Eagle" black shirts, tank tops, black girl shirts, black youth size shirts, and donations/blessings on short notice to get to New York City in less than one week away for the biggest beatbox event in the nation for the United States of America, the 5th Annual American Beatbox Championship Final. It will be judged by Michael Winslow (known for his movie roles in Police Academy and Spaceballs... who I opened for in Honolulu in 2009 and 2012), Reeps One (2-Time UK Beatbox Champion), and B-Art (European Beatbox Champion). The organizers mentioned that if I am able to get to New York City they will have me showcase as a feature, but after getting that memo I registered to enter the beatbox competition to officially represent the state of Hawaii to the fullest. This year more than previous years I've noticed on event descriptions, flyers, and posters of events I am featured in recognizes me as Hawaii's best beatboxer, Hawaii's top beatboxer, and Hawaii's #1 beatboxer. I don't mention to event organizers or promoters to post that, but it's an honor. It's something to take care of and not to take lightly (“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there” -John Wooden). I'm going to put myself out there for Hawaii in this national beatbox competition. I will be sure to bring my experience back to the Hawaiian Islands to share with my beatbox students that represent the Human Beatbox Academy and Diverse Art Center and the Hawaii beatbox scene and community.

Jason Tom on Beatbox Battle (organizers of the Beatbox Battle World Championship) TV
(Video Credit: Dane Neves)

This year is the first time they held regional battles on the west coast, east coast, mid west, and southern part of the United States of America and having the final in New York City. They've also changed their battle format, which for the first time I actually agree with and makes me down to enter. I will give it my best and I will go for the win. Not to take the competition lightly though. I've been training consistently behind-the-scenes on new ideas, new rhythms, and new compositions to sharpen my skills and reinvent my sound as a beatbox artist with the spirit of excellence. I will bring the Aloha Spirit with me to New York City.

Jason Tom headlining ARTafterDARK: Rakugaki at the Honolulu Museum of Art (over 2,233+ in attendance)
(Photo Credit: Joe Marquez - the Smoking Camera)

I originally didn't plan on going to this year's American Beatbox Championship, but fellow American beatboxers tugged at my heart when they contacted me via Facebook if I will be at this year's American Beatbox Championship. I contacted my sponsor Freelance Brand to assist me in designing a brand new shirt with a concept and message I want to convey with, "Soar Like An Eagle," with the saying, "Eyes on the Prize." An eagle is a national bird that represents America. We went with something bold and the message is about how important it is to have "focus" on our "goals" and "dreams" with a "vision (Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. -Proverbs 29:18)." An eagle has great eye vision (a play on the word, "vision,") and focus on retrieving his or her reward (i.e. swooping from high up to catch salmon). Eagles also persevere (but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. -Isaiah 40:21).

Jason Tom "Soar Like An Eagle"
(Designed by Duke King of Freelance Brand)

The first time I represented Hawaii at a national and global beatbox event was back in 2010. 100% of the pre-orders of the ",On the Beat," shirt went into the production of the shirt and it also sent me to New York City in 2010 for the 6th International Human Beatbox Convention (Boxcon) and 1st American Beatbox Championship organized by and the World Beatbox Association (WBA). That event was documented in the award-winning film, "American Beatboxer," that will be screening in universities starting with Harvard University on October 24th. I showcased with a live beatbox set at the 6th International Human Beatbox Convention to officially represent Hawaii, USA.

Here are events this week in Honolulu before I fly to New York City:
October 2nd, First Thursdays HawaiiSlam (the largest registered poetry slam in the world) at Fresh Cafe. $100 Slam Poetry Competition & Open Mic. Doors & Poet Sign-In 7:30pm, Show 8:30pm. $3 before 8:30pm, $5 after. I will compete at this slam with new beatbox material. I highly recommend this one if you can make this one.

Friday, October 3rd, I will be performing for Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation Fundraiser at Crossroads at Hawaiian Brian's with National Dance Week Hawaii. 6pm-8pm
Ticket: $30 at door, $20 online pre-sale.

Saturday, October 4th, I will teach a free Human Beatbox Workshop at Ward Village for National Dance Week Hawaii's Hip-Hop Culture Day. 2pm-9pm. FREE event.

Sunday, October 5th, my students of the Human Beatbox Academy and Diverse Art Center will perform on the Main Stage at the Hawaii State Capitol for the Hawaii Children And Youth Day. I will be performing a live solo beatbox set at the PG-13 Zone near the Kalanimoku Building. FREE event. 10am-3pm

Mahalo to Freelance Brand, Bevy, HNL Flow, VH07V, Jewelry by Justine, Daughter of a King, Diverse Art Center, the Human Beatbox Academy, Word of Life Hawaii, the blessings and donations, and those who placed a pre-order or pre-orders or are pre-ordering "Soar Like An Eagle" to send me off.

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Jason Tom is the best !!!


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Yoo! my brother from another MOUTHer!!
That's fresh logo as you are! Come down Japan and let's rock together!!

Aloha, Jason!!! So glad we connected. Great picture of you & Pastor Clint!

Keep spreading God's Word as you live your life.

God bless!

Super talented and what an awesome video!!!!! Blessings on this journey of yours where I hope you can inspire the younger generations with a twist of our culture and modern hip hop genre. This sure brings back childhood memories of mine taking ukulele lessons at roy sakuma in kaimuki and dancing for 24/7 danceforce ... the good old days hehehe!!!! Aloha :)

I like all of them, but as a personal brand the one done by the media company with the outline and Hawaii's Human Beatbox is my favorite. Tom Thum is so dope in everything he does but in this instance, as far as a brand logo, I like the last one on the post. Maybe mess with colors etc. have an aloha version maybe.

Love the Ton Thum logo...Dope!

So dope, all of it! :D

I really appreciate this logo and it has flavor and style!

I think ur logo great jason and cool also u shouldnt change that way its great

Aloha Jason,

Thank you for your kind words, this is a unique and awesome video, keep inspiring others to do well in their life, keep up with the beatboxing, it takes a lot of practice and dedicatication towards your goals what you want to achieve in life, I think you found it! Keep spreading the positive vibes it’s nice in meeting a new friends Aloha!

Awesome! So high energy and amazing spirit! Keep spreading your talents and positive vibes, God knows we need more love, laughter and aloha in this world!

Love your heroes :D Some of them at are mine too. Amazing journey and talent. But more importantly, you have a beautiful Soul and spirit Jason, and it's really nice to meet people like you :)

You are a man of many talents! A true renaissance man.
Every time I hear a gecko in my house, I feel a sense of peace. Gecko Man!

That is such a neat story and cool creation to use from it! I believe Jason Tom becomes more and more creative because he has an audience to speak to. Keep expressing JT! We're absorbing you!!

I am glad you are putting your dreams into reality! The only way to progress is to always push forward. Every step will lead you to your destination. I am wondering what your plans are for this logo? Honest opinion, visually, the color of him is a little washed out. Depending on how you brand this and use it, people may not understand what this is, but is an amazing vector and captures your personality and essence. I can't wait to see where this takes you!

I really like the concept and the drawing! Really moves the reader


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