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Jason Tom on Beatbox Battle TV

Jason Tom on Beatbox Battle Television


Jason Tom Preparation for Beatbox Battle World Championship

Jason Tom recorded a beatbox version of Michael Jackson's "Bad" when he was 4.
Today he is ranked as one of the top 150 professional beatboxers in the world.

Jason Tom qualified for the Beatbox Battle World Championship.





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Honolulu native Jason Tom, Hawaii's Human Beatbox, is an American award-winning entertainer of Hawaii Chinese ancestry. More than meets the eye, he is also a speaker and life coach who engages through Jason Tom Academy's emphasis on "foundation" in the Word of God, mathematics and beatboxing. Tom coached Siri how to "boots and cats." He launched and publishes JASONTOM.COM that impacts 2.5 million page viewers and 2.4 million unique individuals and households to the top throughout our world.

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Too bad I missed it! I should have requested the day off.

Looking forward to it! Thank you for sowing into my friend Ruby & I.

Congratulations on having your video featured on TED-Ed! I won’t be able to make it because I lead a Connect Group at that time. I’ll have Siri watch it for me.

This is so awesome Jason! Congratulations to Hazel, Moriah, & Micaiah!

Awesome JT. You have many gifts, skills, and much talent. I think you have found another calling for yourself and another way to help people. Mahalo nui for sharing and continuing to inspire.